33 Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Law, peace, and order make up a great society, and what is all that without the legal systems. The criminal justice part of it plays a significant role in societies all over the world. But just like all other legal system aspects, this branch keeps on evolving constantly. It hence provides researchers looking to earn their doctoral degrees in the criminal justice field with many topics to choose from. But what are the best criminal justice paper topics? Well, in this article, we shall cover 33 of the best criminal justice research paper topics that will leave you amazed and baffled. After reading this article, you will be ready to work on that criminal justice research paper without a doubt.

How to write a criminal justice research paper outline

When writing a criminal justice research paper, you must follow a clear outline and arrange your ideas to flow well. In the outline, include the following aspects:

  • The reason for writing the research paper – in any research paper, there has to be a purpose. Ensure you outline all the reasons for writing the paper in the outline for clear guidance.
  • The format and structure – in a research paper, you should outline all the ideas in a flowing manner.

The structure and format of the outline include the following:

  1. The topic – choose a relevant topic you need to research on.
  2. Research and data finding – get all the sources you need to use in your research.
  3. Draft a copy of the research paper.
  4. Write the final paper, then proofread as you correct grammar mistakes.

List of 33 great criminal justice research paper topics

To start us off, we shall look at the best criminal justice paper topics in the 21st century.

Interesting topics for criminal justice paper

Well, an interesting topic always adds up to a thrilling research paper. Plus, the content-finding procedure is just as fun. So here are a couple of interesting topics for criminal justice research papers.

  1. Do eyewitnesses give out accurate testimonies?
  2. Should the statements provided by eyewitnesses be utilized in court?
  3. Does using body cameras minimize police violence?
  4. Does media coverage accurately describe police brutality against individuals of color?
  5. The methods implemented by drug traffickers to smuggle their illegal drugs into countries.
  6. Reactions of law enforcing officers to international drug trafficking.

Best criminal justice paper topics

Each criminal justice topic for research paper in this section is specifically picked due to its interesting factor. Hence you can be sure that any topic that you choose under this section leads up to an exciting research paper.

  1. How law enforcing officers adjust and evolve to curb international drug trafficking.
  2. During some public emergencies, why does crime spike up?
  3. How can an emergency management professional prevent this crime from happening?
  4. Gender disparity as per the criminal justice system.
  5. Why is the likelihood of men getting the death penalty higher than that of women?
  6. How are ladies treated differently or unfairly?

Criminal justice policy paper topics

In this section, you can handle the following topics:

  1. Juvenile justice
  2. The legislation of drugs
  3. The violence of intimate partners
  4. Overcrowding in prisons
  5. Safety in schools
  6. The new immigration federal laws
  7. National security
  8. Terrorism

Each topic bears a relation with policies that apply in the criminal justice world.

Criminal justice term paper topics in victimization and crime

Topics under this section include:

  1. Crime and age relation
  2. Crime and aggression
  3. Crime and citizenship
  4. Crime and education
  5. Crime and employment
  6. Crime and families
  7. Crime and gender
  8. Crime and guns
  9. Crime and immigration
  10. Crime and intelligence
  11. Crime and peers

Good topics for criminal justice paper in theories of criminology

Under this section, we have the following topics:

  1. Classical criminology
  2. Biological theories

Criminal justice research paper examples

There are millions of criminal justice research paper examples online. All you have to do is search via a browser and leave the rest to the internet. You can utilize these examples to learn more about writing perfect criminal justice research papers.


A criminal justice research paper can be pretty tedious to handle, especially while dealing with the wrong topic for you. All the topics provided in this article have great source material and are pretty exciting to handle. Try one out and ace that test.