Through a social justice research paper, you get to demonstrate your awareness as per the current or trending issues in society. Through these research papers, you get to address issues such as inequalities in society while acting as an advocate of social justice. With that in mind, you have to choose an appropriate topic for your research paper, one that will bring you out as a great advocate of social justice. However, with the vastness of social justice, choosing a topic for your research paper can be challenging. But you do not have to worry about that anymore. In this article, we shall outline 25 of the best social justice paper topics in the 21st century. They are well researched and grouped into categories for ease of selection and comparison. So when your professor asks, are you ready to write your research paper on social justice? You will be prepared because we have got you covered.

What is a social justice research paper?

A social justice research paper is whereby the writer discusses the human thoughts that people should receive equal access to privileges and opportunities within their society. It is a tricky paper but one that is exciting to handle.

List of 25 research topics for paper on social justice

Best social justice research paper topics

Well, the topics under this “best” category are great topics to use for your research paper. They have excellent research sources, they are current and trending issues in society, and they are fun to venture into. These topics include:

  1. Gay rights and social justice

Under this topic, you can focus on:

  • The history of gay people
  • The history of the gay rights movement
  • How the perception of gays was reformed radically due to the efforts of the gay rights movements
  1. Is political Egalitarianism the same as social justice

If you like analyzing social justice in a societies’ political development context, this topic can be thrilling.

  1. The indigenous people of Australia and social justice relationship

The commission of social justice was formed to provide indigenous people of Australia with a choice. A choice to stand up and push for their rights.

  1. Criminal and social justice responses to the act of sex working

Criminalization and the negative attitude shown to the sex working community has made sex workers susceptible and vulnerable to physical assault by:

  • Men when in streets
  • Customer
  • Even policemen
  1. Catholic teaching on social justice

Churches also want to instill some values in prisoners’ lives via practices and teachings. These teachings lead up to the acceptance of prisoners as individuals who should be treated with dignity.

Interesting topics for a social justice research paper

Now let us look at some interesting topics that you can utilize to broaden your imagination.

Interesting civil rights topics for a research paper on social justice

  1. The voting right act
  2. The act representing individuals with disabilities in America
  3. The BLM(Black lives matter) movement
  4. Affirmative action

Interesting criminal justice and law enforcement topics for a research paper about social justice

  1. Profiling
  2. Mandatory minimums
  3. Mass incarceration
  4. Wrongful conviction
  5. Police brutality

Immigration topics for a college paper about social justice

  1. DREAM Act
  2. Deportation
  3. Immigration labor
  4. Border security
  5. Amnesty
  6. Migrant workers

These interesting topics are bound to develop a pretty thrilling and exciting research paper. Through these topics, you experience social justice and its importance in a whole new way.

Good social justice paper topics on gender minority, cultural, ethnic, and other issues

Under this category, we shall go through some topics that are trending in the world. They are exciting topics and great options to have:

  1. Genocide
  2. Cultural appropriation
  3. Unequal government representation
  4. Portrayal in popular cultures and media
  5. Targeted assaults, for example, hate crimes

As per social justice research paper examples, you can find them on the internet by simply searching for the best social justice research paper example. You can then use these examples to master the art of writing a perfect social justice research paper.


The social justice sector is of great importance to society, considering all the injustices that occur every day. We hope this article has helped you choose the perfect social justice research paper topic to express your understanding of society.

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